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Weesh is an online website traffic and e-commerce analyser available for you to use with your online business. Our aim is to help you analyse your incoming traffic, track how visitors tend to browse through your website, log the amount of time visitors spend on your site, compare the amount of unique visitors to returning visitors, find out how visitors are finding your website?, what keywords are they arriving on?, aswell as analyse many other aspects of your site.

Once you have all this data it's then possible for you to see which aspects of your website need to be worked on. As a client of weesh you will have full access to our regularly updated blog containing articles written by SEO(Search Engine Optimization) experts, e-commerce specialists, and experienced Web Designers all offering detailed information on how to improve your own website.

With Weesh you have a great oportunity to exceed your competitors in the search engines and remain competitive for the forseable future. You can also increase your conversion rates almost overnight, and improve the general look and feel of your website, making sure your clients have a good experience when they visit.

If you have any further information you would like to know about weesh then please feel free to contact us